At Synthex, we possess a wide variety of technology platforms. Our focus is primarily in the following areas:

Antifoams - we are a primary manufacturer of antifoam and defoaming compounds including oil based, waterbased, silicones, esters, resins, and polymeric materials.

Pulp & Paper-  We engage in significant research and development for products in the pulp and paper industry. Along with a paper analysis laboratory, we manufacture cationic starches, wet end additives, deinking compounds, antifoams, pulping additives, effluent color control, odor abatement, broke treatments, fabric cleaning, and rosin emulsions.

Surfactants-EO/PO chemistry, amine oxides, phosphate esters, fatty acid esters, dedicated purpose blends for alkaline cleaning and degreasing.

The above is a small sampling of what we do. Call us to discuss your application.


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